victory lap & sparkly bear

saturday 9th march | from 8:30pm | free entry

Victory Lap is the solo project turned "proper band" from Alex Badham, best known for his involvement in previous projects aleks and the ramps and magic hands, as well as a music video director (Paul Dempsey, World's End Press, Ryan Downey, Totally Mild...) Victory Lap takes his aloof indie style and impassive delivery to new lengths, in endearing and danceable pop arrangements. The perfect soundtrack to a sunny weekend spent disregarding responsibilities, taking long walks and day drinking.

Sparkly Bear is the brain shart of Joseph Foley (long time mushroom of too many bands to mention here) and a few afternoons with a 12 string guitar. Together with some local Brunswegians he rustled up from the Barkly Square Liquorland, their music has been described by their neighbours as "I like it but I'm trying to watch a movie" and "my bedroom is right above here, please finish at 9." Hooks aplenty coupled with sparkly guitars and face melting solos, Sparkly Bear party like it's 2009!

Entry is free

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