Ousmane Sonko & KAIRO Family

sunday 21ST APRIL | from 8:30pm | free entry

Led by the multi-talented Senegalese master drummer Ousmane Sonko, KAIRO means peace in the Mandinka language and presents a new hybrid of Senegalese music to Australia. KAIRO Family fuse contemporary Afro-Reggae, Jazz, Salsa and Soukous with ancestral Mandinka rhythms and dances with distinction and high energy grooves.

Percussive and melodic, soulful and uplifting, this four piece band shares the heart of Mother Africa with Australia through the international language of music. Incorporating the Senegalese language dialects of Wolof, Jola and Mandinka and also French and English, KAIRO Family delivers an exuberant and dynamic performance, which entices their audiences to dance and celebrate the joyous rhythms of African cultures.

His songs are greatly inspired by the traditional songs from Casamance in Senegal then restructured and fused with jazz and reggae influences and performed on djembe, kit drum, lead and bass guitar.

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