Nir Tsafty & Denim gorgeous

sunday 29th september | from 4pm | free entry

Israeli musician Nir Tsfaty - ניר צפתי has recently moved to Melbourne, bringing to the stage music from his wide creative work.

Nir has been an active musician for the past decade - composer, songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, acting as a solo artist and as a leader of the two Alternative Rock/Pop bands Noria and Bell Always. During this time he has released, together with his bands, three studio albums and played dozens of shows across Israel, including InDnegev Festival and the iconic stage of Barby Tel Aviv.

Nir's music is often minimalist and atmospheric, influenced by British Alternative Rock and Minimalism in classical and electronic music.

Stepping down from the bandstage podium on justified occasion, Denim Gorgeous will strip the robes of his magnetic band for an afternoon at Miss Moses to bring you his charming and enchanting songs in raw and naked form. Having a knack for neighbouring vulnerability with humour, his lyrics evoke imagery so honest it could light a bulb.

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