THe montgomery brothers

saturday 12th october | from 9pm | free entry

Now new residents of Melbourne, The Montgomery Brothers are set to deliver their towering and important to the universe sound to the music capital of Australia. Having been brought up in very musical and cultural families, Warrigo Tyrrell (Aboriginal/Maori), Maru Elias Nitor-Zammataro (Chilean/Sicilian) and Ryo Montgomery (Japanese/Scottish) share a very diverse music vocabulary. Thanks to equitable parenting The Montgomery Brothers, barely in their 20ʼs have souls the same age as your grandparents. You will hear The Blues, Soul, The Quintet, Latin and even the melodic grace of The Shadows in their transfixing show.

Danny Ross quote - “It's like a brain bath, because you kind of follow, kind of get it, but you don't know where it's going. There is a channel of insightful chaos. Listening to the Montgomery brothers, that is. They generate the kind of live music environment where you turn to your friend and delightedly just nod.”

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