messy mammals & niine

saturday 1st june | from 8:30pm | free entry

A rare opportunity to spot messy mammals in an intimate setting in their native northside habitat.

Messy Mammals are truly beginning to garner some hype, thanks to their refreshing new sound - a dreamy blend of psych & pop, with big grooves and hazy elements of jazz & r’n’b & woven throughout - and their uplifting energy & shows. Last seen at their imaginative conceptual Evelyn residency, “Mammalia Dream Land”, the band are currently laying a little low - with only the odd gig booked in - whilst they spend some solid time in the studio; so this is the perfect chance to catch the somewhat elusive crew, radiating sunny energy (as they always do) on the first day of Melbourne’s winter.

They will be joined by their best pal / Messy Mammals synth player, Niine - the incredible “idiosyncratic ball of quirky goodness” - who will be performing a lush solo support set of “Avalanche Pop”, ensuring this is strictly a family affair. ♥

Entry is free

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