karate boogaloo

every thursday in july | from 8pm | free entry

The month of Jluy is a special one for Karate Boogaloo, a.k.a. The Kay-Bees, a.k.a. The Kind-Boys. So special that we thought to ourselves "forget that hoodoo spell, forget that hoody smell, and forget who do Shell, let's do a residency at Miss Moses with our friends!!!"

As Karate Boogaloo do 100% of the time we have an idea, we followed through and are proud to announce:

'Karate Boogaloo Presents: Karate Boogaloo & Friends and Miss Moses at Miss Moses by Karate Boogaloo & Friends and Miss Moses - Featuring Karate Boogaloo & Friends at Miss Moses'.

Friends are:
Jesse Glass
Taylor Crawford
Ha Na
Rara Zulu

We are too lucky, so lucky.

Thursdays in Jluy!

Miss Moses has food unsurpassable, service unbeatable and really nice drinks.

Media praise for KB:

"What Feet!"

Entry is free

check it out

karate boogaloo residency poster.jpeg