entropy quartet

sunday 2nd may | from 4pm | free entry

Entropy Quartet is a four piece ensemble from Melbourne that merge elements of improvised jazz, funk and groove, roving through syncopated states and improvised landscapes. The ensemble perform mostly original material but their sets are also peppered with creative interpretations of well known pop music, from the likes of The Beatles, Radiohead, and Bjork amongst others. The band draws influence from a broad spectrum of musical sources, ranging from Jazz, to classical,
to electronic music. They released their debut EP Live (recorded live at Bennetts Lane) in 2015, and followed with their first full-length studio release S>0, launched at Uptown Jazz Cafe at the end of 2017. Entropy Quartet have been played on radio programs across the country, and performed live on PBS' Impressions program. The ensemble regularly play at various venues around Melbourne, and are currently working toward their second studio release in late 2019.

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